Core Curriculum

A full suite of initial credit courses for elementary, middle, and high school students in English language arts, math, science...

Credit & Concept Recovery

The Credit & Concept Recovery solution is to provide just-in-time remediation to keep each student...


World Languages

Exceptional language skills and cultural understanding prepare students to excel in the dynamic global marketplace...

AP Courses

Advanced Placement courses include rigorous coursework, an array of multimedia activities and assignments...

"We find that our student body is very positively impacted when we have encounters with Chinese students. In addition, we are very happy to provide an opportunity to Chinese students in their native land to study Aquinas' Curriculum and thereby gain a Diploma from us. This results in our "distance student."
--- Dr. Jim Brennan, President of Aquinas High School

"It makes sense to have us accept students whom we know well, have a record of their last two years of academic achievement that is directly in line with Damien's standards and also who have been well known to our teachers!"
--- Dr. Merritt Hemenway, Principal of Damien High School

"We are very excited to see the future of connecting with students half a world away for Upland Christian Academy as a leader in international cooperation"
--- Dr. Tim Hoy, Superintendent of Upland Christian Academy

"I see a great potential in having such a liaison with schools in China and us as it gives us a chance to interact with their students and also welcome them to our campus for a summer camp of academics and cultural interaction. We are excited to have this opportunity made available to us by USGE and we look forward to its huge potential for all concerned!"
--- Dr. Jim Smith, President of Bloomington Christian School